Braai Type


At the heart of the cooking system is the flame tamer plate. The flame tamer is a perforated plate, which like lava rock catches the meat juices just under the grill, instantly vaporizes the drippings, and sends char-grilled flavour back through the meat.

The advantage of the flame tamer is that this hotter system practically eliminates annoying flare-ups. With the flame tamer there are no messy rocks to flip over, it's easier to clean, it gives optimum heat distribution and you retain the full, authentic braai flavour.

A Home Fires Gas Braai allows you to char-grill, griddle, roast, spit-grill and stir-fry a variety of delicious meals outdoors.

Available in various sizes to make your perfect fit to your home: 1500 Firebox with variety of gas/wood lengths.

  • Option A: 2 Burner Gas with a 1000 Table Braai with embermaker @ R18,330
  • Option B: 3 Burner Gas with a 1500 Combo Braai with embermaker @ R22,780
  • Option C: 4 Burner Gas with a 700 Table Braai @ R19,920
  • Option D: 5 Burner Gas with a 580 Table Braai @ R21,680
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