Fuel Type
Fireplace Type


H x 600mm
W x 470mm
D x 426mm


The Charnwood Aire delivers a comfortable 2-7kW of heat to the room with a crystal clear burn and remarkable controllability. Efficiency of 84% is remarkable - giving you the best possible efficiency of out of your wood - whilst emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. (This unit is an uber efficient eco-friendly stove)  

Deliberately designed to maximise the view of the fire the minimal styling of the Aire fits comfortably into virtually any fireside situation whether it be freestanding or within a traditional fireplace.

Option of a simple stand or wood storage under the unit to finish the look for your home. Low Stand option retail price is R28,800.00.  

Also select your colour option and Charnwood will apply the colour to your purchased unit at a cost of R3,500.

The price shown is the unit price, if you are interested or a quotation for installation is needed, please contact us by clicking on the enquiry button below.

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