Fuel Type
Fireplace Type


H x 657mm
W x 760mm
D x 450mm


The Instyle 700 can be installed into a chimney or false chimney. This stylish insert wood fire is available with a selection of frames to enhance its visual appeal, including: Classic Line, Modern Line, Panoramic or Slim line. It has a heat output range from 8 – 12 kW and an energy efficiency rating of 82%.

There is a smaller Instyle 600 (600W X 480H X 354D, 7 kW output) for R 28,995.00

There is a larger Instyle 800 (800W X 580H X 400D, 12kW output) for R 35,995.00

*Pricing excludes fascia trim plate 

  • Instyle 600 Trim Plate - R 2,685-00
  • Instyle 700 Trim Plate - R 2,720-00
  • Instyle 800 Trim Plate - R 3,299-00
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