Fuel Type
Fireplace Type


H x 520mm
W x 800mm
D x 445mm


The Lacunza Silver built in closed combustion fireplace comes standard with cast iron internal walls and optional 5 x speed fans (R4,395 for the fan set). The fireplace comes standard with cast iron internal walls. The fans are controlled by remote control and assists with distributing the convection heat faster and more evenly.

This previously insert only unit now has option to make it a freestanding unit.

The additionals needed to complete the change from an insert to a freestanding unit is the Freestanding Firebox  800 - retails for R4,950 (included in the price below).

Complete the statement piece with a storage box or place the unit on a bench - prices below: 

  • Wood storage bench 800mm  : R4,250
  • Wood storage bench 1000mm: R5,250
  • Wood storage bench 1200mm: R5,800
  • Wood storage bench 1600mm: R6,800

The price shown is the unit price, if you are interested or a quotation for installation is needed, please contact us by clicking on the enquiry button below.

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