Use the calculator on the right to work out your spaces volume in cubic meters.

You can then use the product filters on the left of the product page to narrow down your options to a suitable unit using the supplied filters.


  • 5kW/150m³
  • 6kW/180m³
  • 6.5kW/220m³
  • 7kW/260m³
  • 8kW/290m³
  • 8.5Kw/320m³
  • 9kW/330m³
  • 10kW/400m³
  • 11kW/430m³
  • 12kW/450m³
  • 13kW/500m³
  • 14kW/450m³
  • 16kW/600m³


Enter your room dimensions in meters below:


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